Where are the properties located?

All over Whangarei – some in Kamo, Kensington, Tikipunga, Onerahi, Central Town and now Ruakaka.  By next year, the Trust will also have 8 properties in South Auckland.

How much is the rent?

The Trust’s rentals are set at approximately 85% of the market rent to ensure that they are affordable and accessible.

Given the demand for accessible housing, how do you choose who will be the successful tenant?

The Trust considers a range of factors including (but not limited to) the person’s current living situation, effect of disability and level of need for accessible environment, what other housing options are available, and their financial circumstances.

How do people apply?

Our Housing Manager, Barry Moore, should be contacted.  He will provide an application form and assist prospective tenants to complete it and provide the necessary information.