Our Trustees

John Povey – Chairperson

John is a foundational trustee who has had his disability from birth.  John has experienced first hand the difficulties with accessible housing.  For many years John lived in housing which didn’t allow him to access his own kitchen and prevented him from living independently.  John is an inspirational member of our Whangarei community and has had previous involvement in other disability issues, as part of the CCS Disability Action, local committee.

John Povey

Susan Sherrard – Deputy Chairperson

Susan has worked in the disability sector for many years. The roles include Team Leader, CCS Disability Action; Trustee, Ripple Trust; Member of Disability Advisory Panel, Auckland Council; Co-opted member, Disability Advisory Support Committee’s Waitemata and Auckland DHB’s; Co-Chair Disabled Person Assembly Auckland; part time Lecturer, Auckland University of Technology. She is currently a Trustee for Whangarei Accessible Housing Trust. Her educational background and private practise has been in psychotherapy and nursing.   She is passionate about improving the lives of disabled people so that we enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as all citizens of Aotearoa/New Zealand. Susan’s greatest joy is her family – mother to Oscar (12 years old) and partner to husband Pete.


Vanassa McGoldrick – Trustee

Vanassa is a foundational trustee who brings to the Trust a wealth of experience.  She is a practising solicitor and brings a variety of legal, accounting and business knowledge.  Vanassa was born with Nail Patella Syndrome, and whilst she today uses two crutches to mobilise, has had periods in a wheelchair and has personally experienced the difficulties in obtaining suitable accommodation.  She is passionate about achieving accessible housing for her disabled community.


Auriole Ruka – Relationship Trustee

Auriole is the General Manager, Northern Regional for CCS Disability Action and is one of two CCS Disability Action trustees on the Trust.  Auriole was involved in the original research and feasibility study for the disabled community, which set out to discover what people with disabilities needed, and aspired to.  The information gathered from this research has been fundamental to the Trust’s work.  Auriole was instrumental in the formation of the Trust, and was a foundational trustee.  She brings a wide range of business and accounting experience and provides a vital link to the support services within CCS Disability Action.  Auriole is also responsible for forming and maintaining key relationships for the Trust.


Kevin Anderson – Trustee

Kevin fills the second trustee role for CCS Disability Action, where he works as the Senior Coordinator, Community Development.