What we do

The Trust provides information, advice and support relating to housing and accessibility issues.

Residential Housing

Residential housing is the primary objective of the trust and the principal service offered.  We provide fully accessible homes at affordable rents.  When we are not able to offer one of the Trust’s homes, we work with prospective tenants to link them with other alternative accessible housing, via other housing providers.

Building an Accessible Home

We can provide information as to universal accessible design, including plans, which utilise the barrier-free standards.  We can also assist with information about accessible modifications within the home.  This has also included building accessible homes on Maori land and the unique challenges that this involves.

Accessible Marae

The Trust partnered with Ngati Hine Health Trust to roll-out the accessible marae project, which involved our Housing Manager and one of our trustees personally visiting marae, to discuss what modifications would be necessary to ensure that every person could access their marae.  This included wider disability awareness around the use of guide dogs, and issues for people with hearing impairment.